Our skilled experts have proven experience in successfully implementing ethics and compliance programs in small, medium and very large companies.

Your Company must now have procedures in place to prevent the opportunities for bribery by their employees, subsidiaries, agents and associates. Training is key component. We could average 30-40 trainings, lectures and class in Master`s level per year.

Training for all employees on anti-bribery awareness and your company’s policies and procedures must form an integral part of these procedures.


  • New Mexican Anti-corruption Law: From Administrative to Criminal grounds.
  • Understanding FCPA - Uk-bribery in Latin American companies.
  • Ethics - "Living Integrity & Ethics"
  • Corruption Risks & Risk Assessments
  • Anti-money (AML) Law
  • AML Investigations
  • Anti-fraud investigations
  • Tax compliance, Criminal compliance and Anti-corruption traininigs
  • Training the Trainer

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