We are founders of the anti-corruption committee at the National Corporate Counsel Association (www.anade.org.mx) and participate actively with our government programs on integrity and ethics groups. We encourage our paralegals, law clerks, attorneys and partners (mandatory) to participate in local and international colleges a law, bars and compliance-oriented organizations or certified lawyers.

We will always find time to share, to train and talk about compliance. Academic work is also important to us. We teach, we have professors (local and international ones) in our teams. Beside dozens of corporate trainings per year, we lecture and train in universities with presence in several states.

We have participated in local and cross-border investigations related to FCPA, UK-Bribery Act and other relevant legislations. We have teamed up with local firms and international leading firms.

Our team understands FCPA, guidance and has been involved in implementing in US-Mex tax and corporate structures when FDI is involved seeking to give assurance, visibility and transparency to stakeholders.

Our size and elevated experience make us perfect for teaming up with local and international firms.

Whether leading or teaming up with other local and international firms, OCA has successfully participated in litigation against tax, oil & gas, procurement and federal administration.

We have implemented FCPA procedures and controls for FCPA, SAPIN II and UKBA purposes in Mexico and Brazil. Our risk-based approach orientation has allowed us to perform with much more accuracy to the risk appetite of BOD, compliance and risk and audit committees.